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The Central California ROAD RUNNERS Motorcycle Club, Inc. was formed in January 2002. In 2005, CCRR officially became a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation through the State of California, Secretary of State.

We are a friendly social riding club who enjoy riding, making new friends and socializing as a group; our membersí ride all models of freeway-capable motorcycles.

Our love of motorcycles does not define us, but it is a passion. We are just ordinary people, who just happen to love to ride. Weather permitting; you can count on a lot of rides. We have short rides around the valley, longer rides to other destinations, and planned over-night adventures, scenic rides, twisty rides and yes the freeway too. We RIDE, just check out our Calendar!

Our monthly meetings are held to socialize and discuss whatís going on with the club, with open discussions on rider safety and safe riding as a group. We have an annual Christmas party, and an annual summer picnic. If you are looking for a club that rides, where riders become friends and enjoy the camaraderie of riding with others, then CCRR maybe just the home for you.

So if you want to ride your motorcycle regularly to a variety of locations and are willing to make new friends with a down to earth group of people and you are interested in becoming a part of the Central California Road Runners Motorcycle Club, Inc., get off that couch and join us as our guest on a ride or a meeting and check us out. We think you will like us. If you don't, thatís OK too; we'll still have enjoyed meeting you.

To continue and become a part of CCRR, please complete the Information Form and an Application for membership will be sent, complete and return.

Group riding is by its very nature is a social activity, a human interaction enhanced by a shared a riding experience so come ride along with us, group riding CCRR Style!

Member Information Form.

Membership requirements are few and outlined in our Club ByLaws.

Be sure to check us out on FaceBook! www.facebook.com/CCRRMRC

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